Zen Kyle, MSc BACP

Accredited Counsellor & Psychotherapist


My Philosophy & Approach to Psychotherapy

I work with people who struggle with how they feel. They may be unhappy in a relationship, at work, in their families or just generally in themselves. With persistent depression, anxiety, and little meaning in their lives, people may not know the causes but they realize they need something to change. Something is missing and to be discovered.

I recognise that psychological ideas help us to address and understand the issues that give rise to your suffering, and to a certain extent alleviate the pain. It is also in and through our humanity that something new can emerge and a way forwards is to be found.

My professional approach is underpinned by the understanding that we are a self-regulating mind/body system and I refer to the work of C. G Jung, W.R Bion, D.W Winnicott among others.